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[07 Feb 2012|04:03am]
BOO! Do people still use this?
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Viva le resistance !!! [29 Apr 2009|08:01pm]
After 15 years of dial up. I FINALLY got cable! Omg everything is so fast it feel so crazy!

So for now Ill keep it short and sweet and say...

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[27 Aug 2008|07:32pm]
Le rar

Ok I know I never use this so if you need me or want to find me this is where I am

Msn - thealchemist_101@hotmail.com

Aim - sykohippy

Yahoo - sykohippy

Find me and say hi!
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[28 Jun 2007|07:02pm]
Last weekend till now..

Friday - Hosted a level at 3D. Was good fun and got good tips. I enjoy giggling at the pill popping, phants pants wearing, double step dancing wiggas. Good shit.

Saturday - Ran a bar called McKillops bar, this salsa club. Was a fucking crazy clientel! South American, all coked up and screaming out orders for drinks. My gawd it was crazy and I only had one other barman! To the chick who works that bar, I will always feel your pain.

Sunday - Get as much sleep as possible for bar school.

Monday to present:

Bar school began. Drunk Pina Colardas, Daquories, liquor coffees, tequila, vodka, scotch, Margaritas, Tom Collins's, Grasshoppers and so on

Loveing it.

I have had one exam and it was easy. 98%! I lost two points coz I forgot a question. Im spewing hey.

Friday - Exams all day long. Last exam will be fun, Cocktail exam. Shake and strain and all sort of hot shit! Then go to my Night Club to work 3D. That will be fun because I believe I got a guy his first job in the hospitality scene! High five me. Work till 7am.

Saturday - Fucking crazy! Last DV8 ever! Last day you can smoke in a venue ever! Its gunna be fucking mad! I will be tottaly in the zone on that one. I have to be, if not it will be tuff. Work till 7am.

Repeat cycle...

Crazy ass fun but fuck, give me a break!

Rock and roll, deal with it.
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[15 Jun 2007|09:40am]
Haven't posted for awhile so we'll post stuff that has happened in my time of Sky.

I was working POD aka Place of Dance. It was fucking cray! Tottaly happening. I was working in the huge mofo or a bar with at least 6 people behind it working it. Some good music too which is what you need when you're working your ass off behind bar.

But then it happened..

Anthony the Management had a go at me, I was sick and tired so had a go at him. Eventually it ended up me going..

"Im a damn good barman and dont need this shit!" Turned my back, and walked.

2 hours journey to get there and 5 minutes to quit and leave. Liberating night.

So anyway after quiting, I got myslelf a job at a new Nightclub, too fucking easy.

I now work at CBD in Melbourne. Friday nights they host a psy night called 3D. Suppose to be real good, has anyone done it? But yeah I am proud AS because I have my own story to run!

So in the psy section its just me, a djs and a few hundred drunks. So hot baby! One step closer to running/owning my own night club.

They also do DV8. I know people know this one. Yes you got it, I work DV8 now!

lol Going to be so funny working there.

SO yeah I am inlove with me calling the shots, quiting saying how I dont need an amaing club like POD and move to something even cooler for me!

Hell yeah, tonight is my first night. Wish me luck Niglets!



Just got off the phone, another job interveiw. Thats three scenes now.

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[23 May 2007|12:57am]
Right now my darling Sarah is asleep in bed so I thought I would do a quick update.

Everything is fucking awsome right now.

Things really have turned out for me finally.

I am no longer poor and will never be poor again.

I also have two jobs.

POD - Place of Dance - A fucking awsome Night Club to work at. Seems to be the most happening Night Club going in Melbourne and I am a barman for it. I feel very lucky to be apart of the team and know I will be there for a long long time. The money is great and the tips are fucking awsome. And the people, whoa, so many SEXY people it makes your head spin!

Centrefold Lounge - A beautiful elagant strip joint. I would have to say it's the best dressed bar/night club I have ever laid eyes on and I'm fucking working it!

Friday night consists of working at Centrefold hosting 'Blokesworld - The Party' and wow I am so looking forward to that! I love the TV show and to be apart of it is gunna rock!

Saturday will be POD another party that will kick it to the curb, I am so fucking lucky.

Finally everything is comming together. I have grown up so much now. I love it.

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[18 May 2007|12:46pm]
What was the first CD you bought?

What was the first ever concert you went to?


A) Bobby Brown - Humping around in 1989

B) Alice Cooper - 1988
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Karma always hunts you down and finds a way to balance things out. [13 May 2007|05:40am]
I sit here waiting for the first Sunday Tram to begin so I will dribble some shit.

I started my new job today at POD.

Fucking fantastic!

It's always what you make it. I have now been put as barman because they finally came to the conclusion that I DON'T BUSSY SHIT BIATCH!

It was so fun and hard. Mostly hard. I was running around like a fucker all night long. My body totally hurts and I cant think straight. But everytime I felt like a broken man I would say to myself "This is for me and my baby so we can have a future together". And it worked. It recharged me always and took everything I had to like a bitch, yet I charmed the pants off everyone!

I am now a barman in a bar that has ear pieces and holds at least 800.

I am not used to this. What a fucking step up!

Life is comming together. All I need to do is fuck off from my house which will be Tuesday. I cant wait. As I left for work I heard an old junkys voice threaten me about something that I couldn't quite make out. Poor bastard. I am so glad that I am going somewhere in my life. And I owe heaps to my beloved Sarah.

I charmed the pants off these two Main bar girls and the main Bussy. All of which live toegether. I am so in its a fucking joke! I saw heaps of shit hey. Like I saw a bar chick chuck her guts out while I was cleaning next to her. She was so cute I was like "You OK darling?" and she was like "Yeah just chucking then back to work". Too cool for school I thought.

I'm sitting here in a 7/11 and since I found 28 bucks on the floor I am running around the Isles not knowing what to buy myself! HAHAHAHAH like a kid in a candy store.

I am so happy Sarah is in my life again. I can see the future. I have done so much now that we are both back together. It kinda feels like we were never apart. It's crazy knowing I will love her and only her till the day I die. Like I had about 40 sexy strippers danceing around me, gropeing me and shit and all I had in my mind was how much I wanted to see my baby girl. She means so much to me. I know she is the one.


I want a V too..

Oh yeah I found ciggs too so perfect night out I would say.

First prfessional bar that I cant drink in. And I love it!

Thanks Sarah for believing in me, we are gunna live in luxury as of now my darling!

I love you.

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[12 May 2007|01:38pm]
Me and Sarah now have a baby Wii!

Carry on!
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[10 May 2007|05:07pm]
[ mood | Dunno ]

Got myself a job in this Titty bar as a fucking bus boy.

Gawd how fucking low for me...

"Hey Andrew I got you a job this Saturday if you like as a buss boy if you want it"

"Sorry buddy but I don't DO bussing, you know what I mean?"

"I know what you mean. How about you do that for me and next week I make you my bar tender if you like the job?"

"Ok then you got me as your buss boy for Saturday"

I'd rather be someones BITCH!

Oh well I got me a job and yeah it should be good as of next week. This week i have to go through hard yakka before I can get to my happy place.

Doing well though. Got me a job at a titty bar and next step is to get out of this fucking house I am in now. Then its working full time till I can afford a new luxurious place with my girlfriend.

Patience is a virtue and man, I have been fucking patient that's for sure...

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[04 May 2007|01:34pm]


Penis power vs vagina power!


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[01 May 2007|01:36am]
[ mood | Stars are your friend. ]

Its not a good night until you find yourself butting a cigg in a tin of homemade gunpowder!


What a well cool night.

Now I am in the hills with old friends I havent seen for ages.

Toad and Cooks.

We have been hanging about and having a wonderful time.

Also I got my nanna to drink a glass of wine, she didnt like it but had to teach her.

Now I am drinking my Gin and Tonic and while everyone is asleep catching up on old friends online.

Its been real nice catching up with people you care about. Been so long.

Dont do nothing but relax everyone.

Keep it real all.

Tequilla sunrises, Gin, Beer, Pot, Ciggs, Shiraz, Cougar = sweet sweet love.

Nice and easy.

AND SO MUCH MEAT! 1 to the non vegatarians!

Edit ----

I just went out for a piss amoungst the stars and saw the full moon. Wow! Its so glowing when you're out of the city and in amoungst the hills. So fucking nice to look back and think "Yeah.".


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"Okie dokie matey" - Vivian, Young Ones. [28 Apr 2007|07:41pm]
[ mood | A lil nervous ]


Sarah bought me yet another new outfit.

* Pin Stripe black pants
* Socks
* JOCKS - To all who knows, can you fucking believe it!?!?
* Deoderant
* Black shirt

Then went and played mini golf in style. She fucking kicked me ass too the bitch! Man, this totally means war. After that we went back to her posh ass house and drunk champagne whilst introducing her to Nightmare Before Xmass. I was so proud and all giggly as a school girl showing someone that movie for the first time.

THEN - I SAW SAW 3! Fuyck yeah! Who ever hasnt seen any of the Saw trillogy get off your fucking ass's and go watch it! Talk about a head fuck! It really make you appreciate life.


Strooth. I am all dressed up to the nines. I am going to a FORMAL fucking 21st in the mountains. I wont know a single soul there but Sarah so wish me luck.

Oh yeah today also I worked this new bar. Was interesting. Never worked a bar like it. I couldn't drink and smoke and everyone was well, put it nicely, locals. 50/50 on whether or not I will get it. I kick it well but who knows, the supervisor was kinda a dweeb.

Hope all is having a splendid time because now I just got fucking moisturised!


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Ultra cool life! [20 Apr 2007|01:57pm]
[ mood | So happy its intense! ]


I just saw my old best friend! ALEX!

This boy means so so SO much to me and haven't seen him for like 9-10 years!

I was on the tram chilling out, so I could go to the library and someone sat next to me. I was looking out the window when I hear this "Andrew?", I was like "Here we go" and turned to look.


I have missed him so so much!

This is the boy who we went to bar school with and got completely plastered just before class. We caused so much trouble and he was the one that got me into well cool parties and also got me hanging out with the ultra cool musicians for my first time.

I used to want to catch up with him so much. Like hell I love the guy to death! And bang, this shit happens!

We got each others number straight away and are hooking up next weekend!

He sounds like he is going great too! A teacher and gets paid to travel to France! How kick ass is that!

So yeah, I am such a fucking happy boy these days. That and tonight I see my darling Sarah, drinking champagne while watching movies at the Drive in.

Life is so fucking cool. So much love is in the air.

So so happy to find my favorite old friend.

Life starts as of now. A Beautiful girl of my dreams and the funnest best mate ever!

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Stolen from milli. [11 Apr 2007|08:12pm]
1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Tell a first memory about you.
5) Associate you with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7) Tell you my favourite user picture of yours.
8) In retribution, you must repost this.
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Converting vegatarians into the midnight, giving it to you. [31 Mar 2007|03:33pm]
Party of the year!

Fuck yeah this is where Goblins shine!


For people who are a member of Cave Clan or know it and drain, then you should be going to the annual awards night underneath Chaple street, Anzac as we call it.

This is the ultimate in underworld my friends. I am taking Sarah too, my lil princess to show her how underground I go. She will panic abit but my hand will never leave hers. She will be fine.

100+ people underneath Chaple Street, going crazy lighting fireworks and have a fucking blast!

This WILL be hot people.

Once again I will be in my prime.

"This is the time of the revolution!"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The setup begins!
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[26 Mar 2007|12:30pm]
Wowsers times 3!

Last weekend was massive!

Friday night was one the the best parties I have helped run.

Me and Iva my favorite bar partner of all time were fucking rocking it out hard!

I was pashing these girls till one decided to cry and tell me how she loves me and has a 5 year old kid. Even though I told her I was madly inlove with Sarah and will be asking her out the very next morning.

So fuck that! I kicked her out and she was trying hard to get back in HAHAHAH!

When I'm inlove I am TOTALLY inlove!

But yeah, danced my ass off! Nerida my beautiful friend was there. We both met each other at our first Ace Morning time back 4 years ago and we partied hard for the last. Was a very beautiful night because of us chilling and dancing.

Keep it real since a huge death to a crew has acoured.

Make sure you all party hard and have fun with life.

Its meant to be fun.

Oh yeah! I am officially someones boyfriend now! Sarah is my girlfriend! I told her I will ask her out after Ace Morning, she understood. We both knew I needed to get everything out of me and only then can I do the right thing by her. I love her so fucking much it's intense. I have never loved anyone like this before.

I know she is the one and I am no longer freaking out, we yeah, we will be each others last partner till the day we die. How cool and so never second guessing that. Impossible.

So yeah, everything is coming along fine.

Sev babe, let me know when I can pop round my lil gin sister.
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Crazy Part Infinity! [16 Mar 2007|12:24pm]
This is my weekend plans:

* Drying clothes for date and work. (Fucking rain)
* Seeing Sarah, having a Champagne picnic, then Ghost tour at Old Melbourne Goal.
* Tonight I work my fucking ass off, dancing and serving hot bodies.
* Finish work at 10am, get home and watch our house get autioned.
* Have a few hours sleep.
* Get showered and dressed then go to work for these New York DJ's, more hot bodies.
* Get home 10am.
* 1 hour sleep
* Get up and go to the Cave Clan exploration festival.
* Get home at night time.
* Hug my pillow thinking how cool but glad its all over!

WOW I'm gunna be farked!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Edit: More Bass finished at Ace MOrning and moved so I got this message.

"Cheers bro for everything.

We are moving down to the Noise Bar, I'll check if they put extra staff on for events and give em ya number if they do....

Thanks man, you were the best bar guy at Ace, ever!




I love life!
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Always never not. [13 Mar 2007|03:35pm]
Holy fucking shit what a night!!!

9 years I have done bars on and off but I swear I have never seen a more full on night! It had EVERYTHING!

Worked 10 pm till 10am.

Was hardcore full on non fucking stop!

Was bang bang scotchs, bang bang jagers, bang bang everything till we run out!

Was a closeing ceramony for a crew called "More bass" a VIP scene where by the end I got to know them all.

Met models, photographers, magazine producers, djs, blah blah blah. WAS GREAT!

But yet me and my bar partner Iva saved each other. We were so burnt out we just kept egging each other on till it was done.

I know I'm a fucking bar tender for life! Bring it on!


Thats our night of fun.
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[01 Mar 2007|06:42pm]
[ mood | Happy! ]

I am so fucking happy right now!

Like over the moon.

I came to the libary today for a reason. I had a real intense dream about a girl, my first love and the girl I got engaged to. I dreamt I found her on myspace.

So I came to the libary to give it a go. I hate myspace but thought it was worth it and found someone who sounded like her so emailed her.

She just emailed me back saying that it is her!

My dreams told me what to do and I found a beautiful beautiful old flame because of it!

I am so happy!

This is what I wrote.


Hi there.

My name is Andrew ******* and I am looking for someone I used to know many a years ago.

Her name was Sarah and we dated back in high school. She was a beautiful girl and have always wanted to keep in contact with her. But alas we lost touch.

If this is you, you played softball and we even got engaged.

If this is you Sarah contact me on...


I hope I find you.

Andrew aka Sky.


Cant believe it worked! I tottaly miss her friendship, she was hella cool!

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